About Us

SGRSKL is a Sheffield-based progressive menswear and unisex jewellery label – Founded in 2012 by brothers James and Luke Cottingham. SGRSKL launched in 2012 intent on developing a two-part collective – such that celebrates the city of Sheffield whilst equally capturing an international perspective. The brands remit is to connect – grow with and evolve alongside an emerging menswear market.

SGRSKL Clothing is designed in house and engineered in Hong Kong. SGRSKL develop custom Fabrics in-house alongside sourcing cloths in Europe and Asia.
SGRSKL Jewellery is designed and handmade in Sheffield (England). Each piece is built using .925 Sterling Silver.

It is through a simplistic and considered approach that the brand aims to re-energise classic jewellery staples and to trail blaze the way we shop jewellery. It is important that the SGRSKL brand continue to evolve product – but also the way in which they connect with and engage in their customers. The team endeavours to do so on a global scale.